About us

As a research institute under the umbrella of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam, Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS), established in 1971, has always played a significant role in the development of arts and culture, both by carrying theoretical and practical research and post-graduate training. In November, 2017, VICAS Art Studio, a Centre for Contemporary Arts (hereinafter the Centre) was set up within the Institute with aims to support remote rn jobs sc contemporary art practices and experiments in Vietnam and strengthen the network between Vietnamese artists and international art community through exhibitions, performances, talk & discussion, training courses, workshops, etc. работа москва

VICAS Art Studio, with approval from the Ministry, is one of the first public-run contemporary art spaces in Vietnam.  For our own benefit, as one of rare public run art and creative hubs in Vietnam, the Centre has more advantage than other independent creative hubs in having a tight connection with most of central and local art and culture related administrative organizations and receiving their legal and technical supports. The Centre, locating within the Institute’s complex, consists of one adequately equipped 200m2 studio, one inventory room, one seminar hall, two offices and shared spaces for parking and outdoor activities. In Vietnam where most of art and creative spaces are independent and lack of facilities, the Centre has capacity to organize a range of art programs and activities  and host a wider audiences without infrastructural and facility limitation.

Toward the more resilient and inclusive contemporary arts in Vietnam


  • Create a sustainable and transparent platform to support all Vietnamese contemporary artists by providing exhibition spaces, consultancy, technical supports, professionalism, capacity building,…
  • Give preferential opportunities for minority groups of Vietnamese artists: artists from rural or non-capital areas; self-taught artists, young artists; artists with contemporary tendency; female artists, ethnic artists,….
  • Provide policy advocacy for better legal environment and more recognition of public sector on the arts and contemporary arts in Vietnam
  • Develop audience and market for Vietnam contemporary arts
  • Strengthen networks among local contemporary artists and between local artists with international art communities

Main tasks:

  1. Publishes and presents research and studies on contemporary arts practices
    2. Supports to organize exhibitions/performances for contemporary artists with talent, artists from rural areas, female artist and artists from ethnic groups,…
    3. Organizes events such as lectures talks, seminars, screenings as well as training courses in art practice, curatorial practice, art management,…
    3. Organizes international and national art workshops
    4. Establishes the network of contemporary artists in Vietnam and bridges it with international art community.



TS. Nguyễn Thị Thu HàDirector
PGS.TS. Bùi Quang ThắngArt Director
PGS. TS. Nguyễn Thu PhươngTraining & Education Coordinator
Lương Thanh ThủyAdministration
Nguyễn Lâm Tuấn AnhCommunication & Media
Vi Tường ViEvents
Cao Trung VinhMarketing & Events
Nguyễn Đắc ToànEvents